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R U L E S 

please read before booking your appointment!

Image by Denis Oliveira
  • Payment Prior 

    • Please have your payment during the time of booking! No payment, no reading! 

    • You can send your payment to my zelle or apple pay. - the number for that is 347-681-5492

  • Refund Policy 

    • If for any reason you need to cancel or if I need to cancel you will be automatically refunded. If you need to cancel but would like to reschedule please communicate the specifics of your reschedule date.  Outside of the circumstances listed, there are no refunds. 

  • In Person Readings 

    • If you choose an in person reading and would like it to be done at a specific place whether it's your home, office, studio etc. I ask that the area where you would like the reading to be is quiet, clean and private. If you do not have a location in particular I will conduct the reading at Hibiscus Brew in Brooklyn, NY. 

  • Cleansing 

    • As mentioned in my before your reading section, it's so important to cleanse off so that not only is your energy at a more balanced place but it protects both you and I from unwanted energies. I also cleanse before and after each and every reading! Spiritual hygiene is a MUST. 

  • Boundaries 

    • Like you, I am a regular person. I have my own life outside of being a reader. I do not provide emergency readings, I can assure you that if you are in an emergency your first phone calls should be to the police, ambulance or close friends and loved ones. 

    • Your spiritual provider is NOT a doctor. I refuse to read on health topics. I also believe that readings are not meant to take the place of any mental health care professional and you see the best results when the spiritual meets the techniques you’re given in therapy. 

    • If you have any updates or testimonials please either direct them to my email (preferably) or the instagram page! 

  • Recording 

    • I do allow voice recordings of our readings together! If your reading is virtual there is an option for me to send you a voice recording of the session! I do not allow video recordings of any readings!

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