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prior to your reading please take these things into consideration. 

cleansing before booking

First and foremost thank you so much for choosing me to be your reader. I am extremely appreciative and honored to be assisting with your spiritual journey. 


Once you’ve booked your reading here are a few things that I require before I read. 


Before a reading, you may feel off-centered and experience anxiety, tension, or overwhelm. We encounter various energies that can stick to us, both positive and negative. Spiritual hygiene is crucial to clear any spiritual residue, ground yourself, and be open to receiving necessary messages. Prior to each reading, I ask my clients to cleanse themselves. If you're new to this, don't worry! Here are some simple ways to spiritually cleanse no matter where you are.

Tropical Beach
Green Leaves
Green Leaves

ways to prepare:

Washing your hands with salt and water: Salt is highly spiritually cleansing, as is water. While cleaning your hands, ask Spirit to cleanse you of any energies not serving you to be removed. 


  • You can also do this with just water if there is no salt on hand, I would also sprinkle some water on the top of your head (if that silk press is silk pressing you can skip), neck. Say a quick prayer as you wash your hands! 

  • Using Florida water - I love Florida water; it’s my favorite way to cleanse! By using Florida to rub on your hands, feet, and neck and a slight sprinkle on the top of your head, you will feel a noticeable coolness and cleanliness to your Spirit. 

  • Taking a white bath: If possible, taking a white bath containing salt, milk, and any spiritual perfumes and wearing white/light colors after is a fantastic way to cleanse in preparation for your reading. 


Please Note: If you’re getting your reading done in person I will always have Florida Water for cleansing!


** Please bring something to take notes! As a medium, there are times where I may say things in the moment of our reading and not remember them the second we close out divination or if we’ve moved on to a new topic. It’s so important to take notes so that you can look back, reflect, journal, track your own process and growth. 

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