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The Other Kind of Mat

Nobody wants to be a doormat.

Who could aspire to such depths? Weak. Passive. Feeble. These aren’t desirable personality traits.

This summer I’m using IF:Equip as my Bible study (join in; it’s free!). We’re slowing inching our way through the Beatitudes with accompanying passages. This week is a deep-dive on Matthew 5:5.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. (ESV)

Nobody has ever accused me of being meek. (Though StrengthsFinder does argue that I have a Harmony strength. What??!) I’m opinionated and vocal. Without a strong leader to counter-balance me, I’ll run away with any project, committee or meeting I’m part of. So, these words of Jesus usually cause me to discount myself from being blessed or inheriting the earth. I don’t even want to be meek. But Jesus says the meek are blessed.

So shouldn’t I want to be?

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Debit Cards, Silence and Hasty Vows

It was strangely silent. The kids made scarcely a noise as we drove home. They knew I was troubled by not being able to find my debit card. I was distracted by the thoughts of potential fraudulent use.

The moment the car ignition was off, my daughter sprang to the front seat to hand me a note.  Words scrawled on the page explained both the hush and the tears running down her face.Hand of oath

“I told God I wouldn’t talk until you found your card or got a new one … I was trying to show Him my faith in Him … What if I can’t do it? … What have I done? … I’m scared.”

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