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The Words that Matter

GlassesIt reduced her to tears.

My daughter was pulled aside, her motives and commitment questioned. Her concern for others and willingness to respect authority were impugned. Because her heart and deference are authentic and pure, it absolutely blindsided her.

Later that same day, a package arrived for her. The inauspicious cardboard mailer contained a t-shirt from a race in Portland, a gift from friends she made over the summer at a running camp in Washington state. (And an autographed photo of Emily Infield. Woot!) But the most priceless gift inside was the card. The words inscribed affirmed my child for her  Read More

Cardboard, Books and Fine China: Hoarding and Blessing

This month marks four years since we moved into our home after relocating from Boulder. Yet my garage is still outlined with many of the same boxes that were deposited there on moving day.

Every few months, I muster my efforts and resolve anew to unpack the belongings they contain. I ‘assess the situation’ and ‘plan my attack’ but ultimately make progress no more significant than swapping one box’s position along the periphery for another. Many of our books are entombed in cardboard, as are the china place settings from our wedding all those years ago.

My Bible study this week zeroed in on the idea of wealth. And, more importantly, the handling of it.

Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days.
— James 5:3 NIV

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