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The Economics of Grace

He couldn’t even look me in the eyes.

The weight of yesterday’s foolishness on his conscience made it impossible for him to lock his gaze with mine. Though I had tucked him in bed with assurances of my love for him, he still awoke this morning unreconciled.

He’s since apologized and our relationship is restored, yet he still bears a countenance of guilt. I console him again with scripture:

Lamentations 3-23

While delivering that truth to his tender heart, I pondered why I don’t often wake with the awareness of guilt that he so frequently does. I’d love to think that’s because I have fully internalized the grace contained in the Lamentations passage.  Read More

Faithful and Just

He had lied. I gently confronted him in a moment of vulnerability and he confessed.

The topic of my son’s lie is essentially irrelevant — most children lie at some point, which means that many of you can relate to a parent’s perspective without my detailing it here.

Earlier in the day, my husband quizzed him about something we suspected he’d done and was met with vehement denial. When I later inquired again, his eyes fell and a quiet confession escaped his lips. We squared the issue and I encouraged him to apologize to his father for the layer of deceit.  Read More