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When you need a reason to stay in the game

Staying in the Game“I don’t want to go.”

My daughter informed me that she had qualified to run in the district track meet but that she didn’t care to.  Only the top three runners in each event are sent to compete with students from all the other schools in our area. Her news thrilled me, so I puzzled over her reluctance.

It didn’t take much probing to determine the cause for her lack of zeal: Read More

To Regret or Not To Regret?

It’s gotten under my skin, this quote. Yes, there are positive ways to mean/understand it, but I think it’s too easily skewed.

Never regret anything because at one point in your life it was exactly what you wanted.

(I don’t even know to whom to attribute the quote, so I extend my apologies for not noting it. Whomever you are, I wish I could hear the way you intended it because I think I beg to differ with you. Respectfully, of course.)

My deepest regrets in life are over the very times I did exactly what I wanted instead of what was wise.  Read More