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Faith v OptimismCan a Christian be a pessimist?

I certainly hope so. Or I’ve got a lot more to be worried about than my general disposition.

Maybe the more important question is whether faith and optimism are synonymous. Do these two words mean the same thing?

Methinks not. I believe they are related, but not the same. I have two lines of reasoning on this:


  • I know plenty of optimists who have no belief in Christ whatsoever. Their lens on life is upbeat and sunny, but based on no Christian eschatological or theological view.
  • I know plenty of ardent followers of Christ who generally see things in a negative light. The Bible speaks to discouragement, even amongst believers. And perhaps this is one reason God saw fit to send the Holy Spirit to comfort us in His absence?
  • At the point of conversion to faith, I observe no broad, correlating change in “outlook bias” from pessimistic to optimistic across the general population.  Read More

Keep out. Come in.

Are privacy and authenticity mutually exclusive?

The call for authenticity has taken up residence in yet another forum. It’s no longer the mantra just of small groups and friendship; now blog posts and Facebook status updates are required to contain some degree of personal drama to qualify the writer as being ‘real.’ It appears there’s no venue in which privacy is deemed appropriate or even important.  Read More