Romans 8:28 NIVWhether the momentary circumstances of my life are pleasurable or painful, I often find myself quoting this verse.  It speaks to my heart the knowledge that any blessing I have is an undeserved gift, and also that whatever my difficulty may be, God has the power to bring good from it… somehow, someday,through His redemptive nature.  It has become my lens on life, for it bends the appearance of situations into focus on Jesus Christ, enabling me to seek His glory.

I hope to encourage you to do the same as we journey together.

Welcome to Eight Twenty-Eight.
— Kirsten

Kirsten and Mike are raising their children near Boise, ID.

A few useless facts about me for your entertainment

  1. If I could change anything about myself it would be that I could sing. I was traumatized by my 7th grade choir teacher who kicked me out of the required quarter of choir.
  2. I am shy and introverted. Despite my willingness to be ‘up front’, it’s true.
  3. I am a pessimist. It took me 35 years to admit and my prognosis isn’t positive.
  4. I wore headgear, neckgear, and rubber bands during my four years in braces. Plus, I’ve had seven oral surgeries. I still wear a retainer at night, to the great fascination of my children.
  5. I’ve worn glasses since I was two and a half. Without corrective lenses, my eyes will always cross.
  6. I couldn’t cook at all when Mike and I married and it’s now one of my passions. I may not be good at it, but I do love it.
  7. I am highly opinionated. But I also think there are things that don’t require an opinion. That’s my opinion.
  8. I can wiggle my ears. Without touching them. I inherited this valuable talent from my father and have passed it on to my youngest daughter.
  9. I am afraid of heights and getting old. Even when I should have had a fear of dying, I didn’t. I’m also afraid of growing stupid.
  10. I hate shopping because I am overwhelmed by choices. I want to make the ‘perfect’ decision and end up paralyzed, often leaving department stores empty handed.
  11. I did my first triathlon 12 weeks after having my first child. Yes, it hurt.
  12. I took college level photography; I was the only student in the class from the business school. The singular praiseworthy comment I received from my prof was that I had “very precise printing skills.”
  13. My father died when I was 9. I think he and Mike would get along swimmingly. And I’d give anything to have my kids know him.
  14. My mom knew Mike was ‘the one’ for me when she saw he was the first person able to get me out of a bad mood. It’s still true. And I’m so thankful for the levity he brings to my life.
  15. I cannot catch anything. I mean it. Don’t throw anything at me; I’ll duck.
  16. Number 15 resulted in my only sporting interest being running. I started in 5th grade and still haven’t quit.
  17. I was once characterized as a “fiercely loyal friend.” I think that was a compliment.
  18. Those who knew me in college would not believe that #17 was true because I treated people poorly. These are my most profound regrets in life.
  19. I wish I’d listened to my mother and worn my sunscreen. I’ve had basal cell skin cancer multiple times. (Public Service Announcement: fair-skinned, non-swimmers should not apply for lifeguarding jobs.)
  20. I occasionally sleepwalk. This made for an interesting first year of marriage.
  21. I hate being the center of attention (reference #2). If we celebrate my birthday together, I’d rather take you out.

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