When you feel invisible. Or worse. (And a little baseball.)

BelieveYou might think you treat God’s Word as infallible.

But I’m willing to wager you don’t. And that you don’t even realize it.

We may not all agree upon (or even understand!) all aspects of the Bible. After all, we interpret it with limited human thinking. When I have difficulty squaring seemingly-contradictory passages of scripture, I end up praising God that He’s bigger than my pea-brain and am grateful that He and His Word are trustworthy.

“Except in this one area.”  Continue reading

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How you’re “supposed” to pray

PrayI know a handful people who pray for uninterrupted lengths of time and with great joy. But I know far more people who struggle with prayer. They feel guilty about a lack of it, and have preconceived notions over how they’re “supposed” to do it. Not just the nuts and bolts, the “how” of prayer, but also the why, when and if.

(For the record, I’m in the latter population.)  Continue reading

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When is enough enough?

Do you ever wonder if you spend too much time on a computer or device?

How much time is okay to spend on the computer… tablet… phone… TV?

I suspect all of us feel a certain degree of guilt about the number of hours spent face-to-screen instead of face-to-face. Especially if we have spouses or children. Me, too. My professional labor (and client correspondence) is accomplished on my computer. I keep my calendar, finances and recipes on my machine, as well. Then, there’s personal email (and its annoying cousin, “courtesy emails” from airlines, stores and the like), Facebook and Pinterest. Most of my screen time feels necessary to life in today’s culture.

And then there’s my smart phone (which seems to have rendered me idiotic since I rely on it as a delegated-memory device).  Continue reading

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For when grown women have tantrums over what to wear

What to WearWhen my daughter was young, getting her dressed was a chore. 

It shouldn’t have been so hard… she had both a closet and dresser burgeoning with darling Gymboree ensembles. Nevertheless, our morning routines were never pleasant. Many hours were lost to screaming fits over the necessity of wearing pants, shoes and shirts. (She may not have been the only one screaming.)

Tights were the worst offenders. She was certain those tights were going to end up around her ankles. Continue reading

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Reason to Rejoice

Every day — even a Monday — has cause for rejoicing because it is a gift from God.

Psalm 118-24

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What $10 can do (Lessons from Lent)

What $10 Can DoHave you ever thought your chump change couldn’t change a life?

In the comment section of last week’s post, I mentioned that I was observing seven types of fasts during the course of Lent this year. (Care to join me? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll add you to our virtual book group.)

As part of my “food fast” last week I tallied the cost of the food I ate each day. This cultivated in me new mindfulness of not just the expense, but of how readily I buy food for convenience, not nutrition or need.

It’s just $10. Or is it?  Continue reading

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Three reasons why I observe Lent

3 Reasons to Observe LentSome dismiss Lent as a Catholic tradition, irrelevant to those practicing a Protestant faith.

They deem it a meaningless ritual and wave off the idea, claiming that observing this season on the church calendar is unnecessary or even trivial.

I couldn’t disagree more. Continue reading

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Why I break dance (or something like that)

Foolish 2I did something dumb the other day. Really dumb.

The consequences might have been far worse; I got off easy with merely a sore back. Continue reading

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… and it will be given

I just wasn’t feeling it.

Overflowing cup - Luke 6:38It had been a long day in the middle of a very full week. Youth group loomed on the calendar horizon, an unwelcome commitment on this particular Wednesday. As an introvert, large group gatherings tap everything in me, so going ‘empty’ isn’t a great way to begin an evening of ministry. And 60 middle and high schoolers (whom I’ve come to genuinely adore) are a tougher crowd than most.

I’d love to tell you that I prayed for God to enable me to pour into those adolescent lives for two hours last night. I should have. Sadly, the thought didn’t even cross my mind. Continue reading

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To February and beyond

Resolution WagonWhether you call them resolutions or goals doesn’t really matter. The days between 12/25 and 1/1 are usually free of regular commitments, permitting time for reflection and evaluation, to set a course for the coming year.  There’s something about flipping the calendar over that fills me with renewed vigor and hope. Yet before February 1, that hope dissipates when many of us find ourselves already off track. Before you lose inertia, here are a few tips to keep you on the wagon:  Continue reading

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